The Line-up

If you have missed any of the World Cup games that are taking place right now we first want to extend a sincere apology. There has been a lot of excitement, ups and downs, great commercials, parties, and games. The World Cup is great because it is not just about football, but about a common love that people from all over the world share.

Some of the most passionate and dedicated football fans however, reside in Australia. Football is always done big in Australia, and the country is happy to bring that enthusiasm to the world stage. Australia’s line-up this year is looking particularly strong. It is clear they came to be a contender this year, and many are excited to see how far the club will go.

Fresh off the Forum

 For football lovers, living in Australia is a paradise, just be sure to mind the wildlife. There is such a strong culture for the game of football in Australia, and always some new news just around the corner if you know where to look.

There are a lot of memorable moments that have made some excellent footy photos. If you need a more consistent feed of footy news, one of the best sources is a footy forum. What is great about a forum is it is a community combined with a news feed that everyone contributes to.

Commercial Appeal

 Another thing that helps Australian football fans to pass the time between games is to watch and rewatch all the great World Cup commercials that have graced the tele over the years. These commercials become icons and staples of the World Cup experience, as much as the games themselves.

One of the most iconic World Cup commercials was done by Nike. Particularly known for excellent production value, Nike once did a commercial that pit good vs evil, an age old matchup. The best players in football went up against the armies of hell. Good triumphed over evil, even though hell’s army played less than fair. This was the kind of fun and good-spirited humor that people love to see between games.

Denmark Vs Australia

 While the food, fans, and commercials make up a big part of the World Cup experience, ultimately we know that the real fans are there for the games. There has been no shortage of good games, but the Denmark Vs Australia match was particularly epic. The game ended with a tie between the two stellar teams, if that gives you any idea of how entertaining it was.

Denmark made an early point and lead the game in the first half. Australia would answer back off of a penalty kick to tie the game. In the second half it was scrappy, but neither team could put up another point.

A back and forth slugfest, neither team could come out on top. Denmark takes advantage from the tie though, as the 4 points put them in the lead of Group C. Despite that, the tie means Australia is still in the game.