Australia has birthed many amazing players thus far, for the sporting football world, that is no doubt. With players featuring across the board of the Premier League with particular legends from decades ago, we have plenty to discuss and remember.

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Tim Cahill 

Kick starting our selections, we have a current champion Tim Cahill. This player was at his peak from 2004 and we can tell you that when he played for Everton, he was really hailed as an exceptional player, there is no doubt about it. With over 67 caps and 31 goals to his name to date, most of those were made in his time at Everton. Many remember his first year playing for Everton during the FA Cup matches. The goal that he managed to score was responsible for allowing the team to get a chance to play in the final. As a midfielder, he knows exactly what he’s doing and why. 

Even in the World Cup 2006, his amazing talent and control over the ball, was the primary reason as to why he managed to knock up a nomination for the Ballon d’Or. Currently he plays for the New York Red Bulls, but many say he has many more years to come, to make some huge further waves in his career.

Harry Kewell

Many remember Harry Kewell, but with his name comes a certain degree of criticism over the years he has played. His injuries that he has procured during his time in football (1996-2012) has often caused a huge stir of discussion, why? Because you could say that people perhaps doubted his commitment to the sport, being that he took so much time off for his bad health and fitness form. Many say that if it was not for his injuries, he would definitely have much more to give to the sport.

His position within Leeds and Liverpool, earning him 17 goals within his career. However, if it was not for his injury, his explosive speed would still have very much aided him throughout his short-lived career at Liverpool-that is for sure. His scoring debut for Australia against the Iranians is what got everyone excited and rubbing their hands together, especially since he was 17 years old. It was a really sad thing that he could not continue playing at the peak of his career, due to the fitness set back.

Mark Schwarzer 

Mark played out his career until 41 years old, which is very impressive for anyone in football! His talent secured him key position as Chelsea’s goalkeeper within the premier league and the Champions league until 2013. His earlier positions for clubs like Middlesbrough are what highlighted him as a perfect option for the bigger teams like Chelsea. Many remember those two penalties that he saved against Canada in 1994 and the same again in 2005 against Uruguay for world cup qualifiers. There are no players to date that have represented Australia more than Schwarzer. Schwarzer is no stranger when it comes to being brought up as a legend by Sky Sports football presenters.

Brett Emerton 

Emerton was a huge part of representing Australia in country matches, especially in the year 1998. There he managed to represent his nation within the Olympics hosted in Sydney. This showcased his career more than enough to allow him to continue forward to play for English football teams like Blackburn Rovers. Within the world cup 2006 he also managed to play within all the games there, being picked for his perfect midfield talents. To date from his 1998 to 2012 career, he has scored 20 goals and 95 caps.

John Aloisi

Within his career, he has managed to play in over 12 different teams. Playing as a striker, he has over 55 caps and 27 goals within his career. Although he was not favoured as much as others in terms of skill, he was able to get the job done to support the teams that he was able to play for. Some of those teams included Coventry City, Portsmouth and of course Australia, within national matches against other countries within the World Cup. His World Cup qualifier goals against Tonga, were some of his most memorable achievements.

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