Alastair Clarkson has become involved in yet another incident, putting him in danger of a two match suspension from the AFL.

This latest incident, in which he is alleged to have verbally abused umpires – is added to the end of the long list of outbursts and poor behaviour.

Admittedly… at least one was in self defence.


Incident: Confronted two umpires on a flight from Perth to Melbourne after a 53-point defeat against Fremantle. Frustrated with umpiring decisions, Clarkson reviewed the game on his laptop and approached umpires Scott McLaren and Kieron Nicholls. He handed them his laptop, asking for explanations of several decisions.

Outcome: Received a $5000 suspended fine. Clarkson later admitted, “I was a peanut — as simple as that.”


Incident 1: Directed an expletive-filled rant at Tasmanian journalist Brett Stubbs after he reported that Hawthorn players Brad Sewell and Jordan Lewis left training early before the Hawks’ loss to the Western Bulldogs.

Incident 2: Fined $5000 for attacking umpire Justin Schmitt after an 11-point defeat against Geelong. Clarkson, angered by several decisions, singled out Schmitt, who wore No. 17. “He’s a good player for the Cats that No. 17, wasn’t he? He’s a ripper,” Clarkson said.


Incident: Had to be restrained by a Hawks staffer after confronting Essendon forward Matthew Lloyd post-game. Clarkson reportedly said, “You better f * retire you f * weak c *,” after Lloyd knocked out Hawk Brad Sewell, resulting in a four-week suspension for Lloyd.

Outcome: Escaped with a $5000 suspended fine. Clarkson apologized, stating, “I apologise for my actions after Saturday’s match and any embarrassment caused to the AFL. I believe senior coaches should model appropriate behaviour and I fully intend to set a positive example for coaches and others involved across all levels of football.”


Incident: Embarrassed colleagues at the AFL Coaches’ Association AGM with a four-letter tirade at AFL executive Gillon McLachlan over the broadcast media policy.

Outcome: Two coaches apologized to McLachlan on behalf of the association.


Incident 1: Smashed a hole in a wall at the MCG during a round 17 game against Collingwood.

Outcome: The Hawks paid an $800 repair bill despite Clarkson’s offer to fix it himself. “The old man was a builder and did a lot of plastering in his journeys. He has been retired for about 20 years so I’ll have to pull him out of retirement this week and get him to fix that wall up,” Clarkson said.

Incident 2: Received a four-week suspension from the South Metro Junior Football League for swearing at an umpire’s adviser during his son’s under-9s match. Clarkson told Thomas Grundy, 19, to “f* off” when asked to stop coaching players on the ground.


Incident 1: Called AFL Media journalist Matt Thompson a “c*khead” during a press conference at Melbourne Airport before a game against GWS in Launceston.

Incident 2: Apologized to AFL Victoria after abusing two Port Melbourne players during a game involving Hawthorn’s affiliate, the Box Hill Hawks. Clarkson approached Toby Pinwill and John Baird after Pinwill was reported for an off-the-ball clash with Box Hill player Sam Ilies, using foul language.


Incident: Lashed out at a goading Port Adelaide fan after a defeat against the Power in Adelaide. Video showed Clarkson grabbing the fan by the throat.


Incident: An external review by Hawthorn Football Club revealed allegations that, among other things, Clarkson and other key figures demanded the separation of young First Nations AFL players from their partners and pressured one couple to terminate a pregnancy for the player’s career. This issue is ongoing.


Incident 1: Handed a $20,000 fine and suspended two-match ban for a homophobic slur at St Kilda defender Jimmy Webster after a high hit on North captain Jy Simpkin.

Incident 2: Allegedly directed “vile language” towards the umpires bench during a loss to Port Adelaide.