In a surprising move ahead of this week’s crucial matches, Port Adelaide has decided to drop veteran forward Charlie Dixon for their clash against GWS. This decision comes just three weeks after Dixon was listed as ‘managed’. Jeremy Finlayson has also been omitted from the squad. On the other side, GWS might see the return of Josh Kelly (calf) and Jack Buckley.

For Richmond fans, there’s excitement in the air as superstar Dustin Martin (299 games) and Tom Lynch (hamstring) are set to return on Saturday. Lynch’s comeback is particularly significant as he has missed nine games since the Tigers’ Round 3 victory over Sydney. Unfortunately, Dion Prestia (calf) continues to struggle with soft-tissue injuries and will miss out.

Hawthorn supporters will be pleased to see Nick Watson back in action after his impressive performance for Box Hill in the VFL, where he scored eight goals in two weeks. Ruckman Lloyd Meek also joins Sam Mitchell’s lineup.

The Brisbane Lions, fresh off a thrilling win against the Western Bulldogs, have opted for stability and will field an unchanged team for their Friday night face-off against St Kilda. The Saints, however, will be missing Dougal Howard (hamstring) and Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (personal reasons) among their four changes for the trip to The Gabba.

The Western Bulldogs have good news with the return of Ed Richards (concussion protocols) and Cody Weightman (arm). Despite some initial doubts, Marcus Bontempelli (illness) has been named in the squad.

Adelaide will face a tough challenge without Taylor Walker (back) for their Saturday night home game against ladder-leading Sydney. The Crows have also made the bold decision to drop three underperforming players. Meanwhile, the Swans head to South Australia with an unchanged lineup.

In other team news, Colby McKercher remains out for North Melbourne, while Nick Daicos (shin) has been listed by Craig McRae for Collingwood, despite being subbed out on King’s Birthday.


Friday June 14, 7:40pm at the Gabba


B: D. Zorko, J. Payne, R. Lester
HB: D. Wilmot, H. Andrews, B. Starcevich
C: J. Fletcher, C. Rayner, J. Berry
HF: C. Cameron, E. Hipwood, H. McCluggage
F: K. Lohmann, J. Daniher, Z. Bailey
FOLL: O. McInerney, J. Dunkley, L. Neale – C

I/C: C. Ah Chee, L. Morris, C. McKenna, B. Reville, N. Answerth
EMG: D. Robertson, D. Fort, D. Joyce

No changes


B: J. Battle, Z. Cordy, C. Wilkie
HB: A. Schoenmaker, R. Bonner, J. Sinclair
C: B. Hill, M. Windhager, M. Wood
HF: D. Butler, L. Henry, M. Owens
F: J. Higgins, M. King, A. Caminiti
FOLL: R. Marshall, J. Steele – C, P. Dow

I/C: Z. Jones, S. Ross, H. Clark, D. Wilson, C. Sharman
EMG: R. Byrnes, B. Paton, T. Campbell

IN: Z. Cordy, A. Schoenmaker, Z. Jones, C. Sharman
OUT: D. Howard (Injured), J. Webster (Injured), N. Wanganeen-Milera (Managed), T. Membrey (Omitted)


Saturday June 15, 1:45pm at Marvel Stadium


B: L. Bramble, L. Jones, B. Khamis
HB: T. Duryea, J. O’Donnell, B. Dale
C: E. Richards, A. Treloar, B. Williams
HF: C. Weightman, R. Lobb, J. Macrae
F: L. Vandermeer, J. Ugle-Hagan, R. West
FOLL: T. English, M. Bontempelli – C, T. Liberatore

I/C: C. Daniel, J. Freijah, H. Gallagher, R. Sanders, A. Scott
EMG: O. Baker, J. Busslinger, L. McNeil

IN: E. Richards, C. Weightman, A. Scott
OUT: A. Keath (Injured), L. McNeil (Omitted), R. Garcia (Omitted)


B: B. Walker, A. Pearce – C, J. Draper
HB: H. Chapman, L. Ryan, J. Clark
C: J. Sharp, N. Fyfe, H. Young
HF: M. Walters, S. Switkowski, M. Frederick
F: J. Treacy, J. Amiss, L. Jackson
FOLL: S. Darcy, C. Serong, A. Brayshaw

I/C: S. Sturt, B. Banfield, J. O’Meara, J. Aish, M. Johnson
EMG: P. Voss, N. Erasmus, K. Worner

IN: M. Johnson
OUT: C. Wagner (Omitted)


Saturday June 15, 4:35pm at the MCG


B: B. Miller, N. Broad, N. Balta
HB: N. Vlastuin, T. Brown, D. Rioli
C: K. McIntosh, L. Baker, H. Ralphsmith
HF: R. Mansell, S. Bolton, S. Campbell
F: T. Lynch, D. Martin, N. Cumberland
FOLL: T. Nankervis – C, T. Taranto, T. Dow

I/C: T. Sonsie, J. Koschitzke, K. McAuliffe, J. Graham, J. Short
EMG: J. Trezise, S. Banks, K. Smith

IN: T. Lynch, D. Martin
OUT: S. Ryan (Injured), D. Prestia (Injured)


B: J. Impey, S. Frost, J. Scrimshaw
HB: K. Amon, J. Sicily – C, W. Day
C: J. Weddle, D. Moore, J. Worpel
HF: C. Mackenzie, J. Gunston, C. Macdonald
F: J. Ginnivan, M. Chol, L. Breust
FOLL: L. Meek, J. Newcombe, C. Jiath

I/C: N. Watson, M. D’Ambrosio, C. Nash, C. Dear, B. Hardwick
EMG: J. Serong, M. Ramsden, H. Morrison

IN: L. Meek, N. Watson
OUT: N. Reeves (Injured), S. Mitchell (Omitted)


Saturday June 15, 7:30pm at Adelaide Oval


B: N. Murray, J. Butts, M. Hinge
HB: J. Borlase, M. Keane, W. Hamill
C: C. Jones, J. Soligo, L. Sholl
HF: B. Keays, D. Fogarty, J. Rachele
F: B. Dowling, L. Murphy, I. Rankine
FOLL: K. Strachan, R. Laird, J. Dawson – C

I/C: S. Berry, M. Michalanney, L. Nankervis, H. Schoenberg, B. Cook
EMG: B. Smith, C. Burgess, R. O’Brien

IN: N. Murray, I. Rankine, B. Cook
OUT: B. Smith (Omitted), C. Burgess (Omitted), N. McHenry (Omitted)


B: D. Rampe – C, T. McCartin, L. Melican
HB: O. Florent, H. Cunningham, N. Blakey
C: J. Lloyd, Ch.Warner, E. Gulden
HF: J. McInerney, L. McDonald, T. Adams
F: T. Papley, J. Amartey, W. Hayward
FOLL: B. Grundy, I. Heeney, J. Rowbottom

I/C: M. Roberts, J. Jordon, H. McLean, S. Wicks, B. Campbell
EMG: C. Cleary, R. Fox, P. Ladhams



Sunday June 16, 1pm at Marvel Stadium


B: A. Corr, C. Comben, K. Dawson
HB: Z. Fisher, H. Sheezel, L. McDonald – C
C: D. Tucker, L. Davies-Uniacke, B. Scott
HF: T. Powell, T. Pink, C. Taylor
F: P. Curtis, N. Larkey, C. Zurhaar
FOLL: T. Xerri, G. Wardlaw, J. Simpkin

I/C (FROM): J. Stephenson, L. Shiels, R. Hardeman, W. Phillips, J. Archer, E. Ford, B. Teakle

IN: R. Hardeman, W. Phillips, C. Lazzaro, B. Teakle
OUT: W. Dawson (Injured)


B: B. Maynard, D. Moore – C, C. Dean
HB: I. Quaynor, S. Sidebottom, J. Noble
C: W. Hoskin-Elliott, F. Macrae, J. Daicos
HF: B. Hill, L. Schultz, N. Kreuger
F: B. McCreery, P. Lipinski, J. Howe
FOLL: D. Cameron, J. Crisp, N. Daicos

I/C (FROM): E. Allan, T. Jiath, B. Frampton, R. McInnes, J. Bytel, H. Harrison, O. Markov

IN: E. Allan, T. Jiath, R. McInnes
OUT: Nil


Sunday June 14, 4pm at ENGIE Stadium


B: C. Idun, S. Taylor, H. Himmelberg
HB: L. Whitfield, L. Aleer, N. Haynes
C: R. Angwin, T. Green, J. Wehr
HF: B. Daniels, J. Riccardi, T. Bedford
F: T. Greene – C, J. Hogan, C. Brown
FOLL: K. Briggs, F. Callaghan, C. Ward

I/C (FROM): J. Peatling, X. O’Halloran, H. Thomas, A. Cadman, T. McMullin, J. Kelly, M. Gruzewski

IN: J. Buckley, J. Kelly, M. Gruzewski
OUT: Nil


B: K. Farrell, E. Ratugolea, B. Zerk-Thatcher
HB: J. Burgoyne, A. Aliir, D. Houston
C: T. Boak, C. Rozee – C, W. Drew
HF: D. Byrne-Jones, T. Marshall, M. Bergman
F: Z. Butters, O. Lord, M. Georgiades
FOLL: I. Soldo, J. Horne-Francis, J. McEntee

I/C (FROM): O. Wines, D. Williams, W. Lorenz, La.Jones, F. Evans, Q. Narkle, J. Mead

IN: C. Rozee, O. Lord, D. Williams, W. Lorenz, D. Visentini, Q. Narkle
OUT: R. Burton (Injured), C. Dixon (Omitted), J. Finlayson (Omitted)

Bye: Carlton, Essendon, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, West Coast